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Caring for your whole life is our whole purpose. Our insurance is here to ensure your loved ones are protected.

Why AmFi?

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Founded in 1956 by a decorated WWII Marine named Charles Woodbury, AmFi Life Insurance was established specifically with the U.S. military and civil servants in mind. Woodbury had a mission to provide better quality insurance by offering products designed specifically for the unique needs of his peers and civilians alike. His progressive thinking and blue-collar work ethic helped him create an insurance service that is simple, competitive, and flexible, with exemplary customer service and support, and limited exclusions.

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Protect Your Loved Ones

You need life insurance. Life Insurance is an essential way to protect your loved ones should something happen to you. While it might feel like something you can put off or something that is time-consuming and wrought with pesky salespeople, Life Insurance is a necessity. With AmFi’s simple and fast process you can receive a policy that is tailored to the needs of your family completely online and hassle-free.

We’re Here For Your Whole Life

Caring for your whole life is our whole purpose. Your children, their children, your home, your education, your debts– life is a lot. And life changes happen every day. Financial obligations and circumstances change as well. Our insurance is here to ensure that no matter the need, your family will be taken care of. Whether it’s maintaining a standard of living, paying a mortgage, a debt, or paying for education, flexible life insurance is essential for peace of mind and beyond.

Choose Your Coverage to
Protect Your Future

Universal Life Insurance

A flexible premium policy that combines protection against premature death with a type of savings vehicle known as a cash-value account.


This type of account typically earns a money market rate of interest. Death benefits can be changed during the life of the policy within limits and subject to a medical exam. Once funds accumulate in the cash value account, the premium can be paid at any time but the policy will lapse if there isn’t enough money to cover annual mortality charges and administrative costs.

Whole Life Insurance

The oldest kind of cash value life insurance that combines protection against premature death with a savings account.


Premiums are fixed and guaranteed and remain constant throughout the life of the policy.

Term Life Insurance

A form of life insurance that covers the insured person for a certain period of time, or “term” that is specified in the policy.


It pays a benefit to a designated beneficiary only when the insured dies within that specified period of time, which can be one, five, 10 or even 20 years. Term life policies are renewable but premiums increase with age.

Group Insurance

A single policy covering a group of individuals, generally employees of the same company or members of the same association and their dependents.


Coverage occurs under a master policy issued to the employer or association.

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