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For Military Members

American Fidelity has a long-standing commitment to serving those who defend our great nation. Founded by a WWII Marine, we specialize in providing insurance products to military personnel and their families. Since 1956, we’ve delivered on our promise of offering the strongest and most stable cash accumulation life insurance products to our valued customers in the U.S. military and government.

We understand the important role life insurance plays in the military community, which is why we take great care in providing products that protect the assets, future earnings, and financial goals of military families. We’re proud to have stood by our customers through every conflict, offering policies with no war clauses that provide peace of mind to those who defend and protect our nation.

At American Fidelity, we believe in filling the needs of our policyholders. Our policies are safe and offer flexibility and security to military families. We provide permanent solutions to augment existing government insurance and retirement programs, and our policies offer living benefits with tax-deferred cash value growth and flexible premium schedules.

What makes American Fidelity different?

We make sound investments, offer innovative products with flexibility, and treat you like family.

Our investment portfolio consists of highly rated government and corporate bonds, ensuring stable growth for our policyholders.

We offer flexible payment and withdrawal plans to serve diverse situations that you may encounter, and our low overhead means competitive premiums.

Our unique life insurance policies can enable you to build cash values tax-deferred.

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